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 Hi Everyone – I’m David P. Demars and my focus is to use Visit Tomorrowland as a conduit to discuss building a better world for future generations.

 Visit Tomorrowland will feature articles about invention and innovation. How we can save our world and improve it for future generations. What we can do to communicate the needs of the many and level the playing field without obstructing or hindering the fortunate upper levels.

There is no doubt that building a better world will require help from the upper crust of income earners. It would take 10 million people donating $100 apiece to add a billion dollars to the cause. But, if a hand full of multi-billionaires decided to donate a billion dollars each, the infrastructure of the United States could be rebuilt almost overnight. There is no question in my mind that it will take all of us rich and poor alike working together to reach the Tomorrowland that we must all embrace!

The idea for my Visit Tomorrowland site actually came to me after watching the Disney movie by the same name. There was a story about two wolves. One wolf had a vision of death, destruction, and war. The other saw invention, innovation, and ultimately the path to a much better future. The question we ask is which wolf will win? The answer is, the one you see. So, by seeing the path to a better future instead of settling for war and destruction we are changing our own destiny by seeing the destiny we want. As my mentor Tony Robbins has been saying for years, “Know your outcome”. Once you do it will automatically change your destiny to the one you see!

 I was recently watching Bloomberg News and saw Charlie Rose Interviewing a young man named Alec Ross. Alec has written a book called The Industries of the Future. I’ve included this video by Alec so you can get to know him and see where some of my ideas are coming from. If you would like to purchase Alec’s book it is currently widely available in books and e-books, etc.

 No matter how we look at it technology will play a big part in our future. As manual labor jobs become scarce, more and more people will be required to turn to technology in some form to make a living. Many of us are already using our computers and electronic devices to start businesses out of our homes and places of residence. I believe this trend must continue. The hopes and dreams of the many are alive in this community.

Part of this site will be dedicated to this admirable pursuit. I belong to a community, or rather a university that trains people in this arena. We are currently over 800,000 strong and growing fast. The community is called Wealthy Affiliate. If it were up to me it would be Wealthy Affiliate University. I will refer to this community as WA from here forward.

 WA will teach anyone interested to build an online business in any niche they desire.

 I’m currently working in the training and marketing area as one niche for me. Affiliate marketing is another area where I have several years of experience. I will also be addressing wealth accumulation and strategies you can use to direct this process. 

Over a number of years working online I have seen many affiliate programs and training courses. Don’t misunderstand me, there are many excellent training courses and affiliate programs to choose from.

Wealthy Affiliate is the first training package I’ve seen where you can join a free program which includes great training and many benefits. There is only one upgrade available to premium, and this includes everything for only $49 per month.

 The WA community is amazing. A true example of people helping people succeed. Just get started on the training and you will be lead through a process that will show you how to succeed in any niche you choose.

 Tip from Dave for new people. I open two windows to my site when doing the training. Most all the training elements have videos, so by opening two windows I can stop the video whenever I like and complete the required action on the other page.

I found this to be very helpful getting through all the training.

Thanks for reviewing this information,

Hope to work with you in the future, Dave

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This a living system that’s growing and changing on a daily basis. Let me explain why a portfolio like this best supports your future needs and potential destiny.

Check it out and leave a comment. Contact me if you have any questions at; Dave@VisitTomorrowland.com

Good meeting you, Dave