Intro to the online system that will guarantee your future wealth

The cornerstones for earning your living online today are system, flexibility, control, and creativity.

System is the process and tools that let your business run smoothly.

Flexibility allows you to use this system to go in any direction you choose.

Control means that the links and payment processing all lead to you.

Creativity let’s you change or redirect your system anyway you like, and at any time.

Hi, David P. Demars here; today I will show you how to set up a system like this for yourself. Most people coming to this page have already signed up for my newsletter, if not, Start by getting Dave’s Ultimate Training Newsletter. My newsletter is a no cost training that goes over the process of getting yourself set up to take on online marketing and make a living at it. Just add your info to the form below and I will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm you will receive my training right away. All emails from me will have an opt-out link, so you can stop anytime you like. So get started today!

The rest of this page will show you more info on how this system works so you can see the benefit of getting started.


What tools this system has in it and why 

 These are the tools necessary to build a profitable online business today. You will need an autoresponder, a blog, training to get your degree in online marketing, monetization, advertising, and a list of red hot buyers.

 I have set up 7 programs in what I call the $39 package. This package will give your system all the elements it needs. A word on flexibility. As your business grows you can change any programs you like. You can have all you own programs and make up your own package.

 I have picked what I consider to be 7 of the best programs currently available today. These are the programs and how they relate to your success.

Link #1 below has everything you need. Programmable link management page, autoresponder, capture pages, link tracker, advertising, and all the training.

Link #1 – Build A Biz – Has a program builder for you to customize. You can put any programs you wish to promote in your own personal program builder system. You can also join some of mine and put the ones you like into your program builder. Start for free then upgrade for only $5.75 per month and includes all the tools you need. 

Note form Dave; I will show you how to build a program builder page like mine for all of you that wish to join me. For only $39 one-time you can have all 7 of my top recommended programs. Use the Build A Biz program above to create a program builder like mine, with only your links in it.  My personal program builder has over 20 programs in it. The reason I mention this is that you can customize this system and add as many programs as you want. You can add more of my programs or any ones you like.

 Why would you want to get my 7 programs to start your portfolio?  I’ve spent a lot of time researching these programs. Some of the biggest money earners are using them. These 7 programs sold as a package can make you a lot of money. I will show you why and how if you take my free training.

Click on the next link below to get my newsletter. In my newsletter I will teach you how it’s possible to turn your program builder into a million dollar business. Again, most people that have gotten this far have already signed up. If you haven’t just click the link below or fill in the form above.

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The 7 programs you need to sign up for to set up your program builder for only $39. Again I will explain how all this works together in my newsletter.

Link #1 is Build A Biz Online above this is where your program builder is created. 

#2 Lead Lightning is next because it can get you red hot buyer leads starting right now. It’s only one-time $7 to get started and spits out $6 payments to you on autopilot. When you’re ready you can move up anytime to the connected Space Shuttle technology business system. This system is easy to use, just watch the training videos. This program pays the most money in my whole portfolio. Start today and move up over time as your business grows.

#3 Wealthy Affiliate University – This is your lifelong learning component. Over 800,000 members that are helping each other succeed in their online business. Take their certification course. Then do affiliate bootcamp. This will give you all the basics of online marketing. After your basic training you can specialize. Focus on any direction you want. Get your degree in online marketing now. No cost to join. One upgrade available, but you can stay at no cost forever if you like.

 Now that you have everything to get started, what else do you need to make money online? You need lots of products and services that people will pay you money for. This program builder is so loaded with money makers, that we will let them shine for themselves!

Next step – You need people to look at your offers. This section includes programs that will build your list of buyers and advertising components.

#4 Global Money Line is the premier list builder – As of July 1st 2017 I have 150,550 people in my money line and they keep coming every day. This is the ultimate list building platform. You have the ability to communicate with both your upline and downline, and to message your whole money line as well. There is an upgrade structure that allows you advertise your business and includes more exposure for your business as you move up. When your people move up along with you they pay for upgrades. These payments  instantly go directly to your payment processor account. No cost to join or ever unless you decide to upgrade.

#5 Leased Ad Space – LAS is going to revolutionize the advertising process. Only $7 to run your first ad. Not only does this system advertise your business, but it also pays you instantly to your payment processor of choice. That’s right when someone under you buys an ad for their business they pay you directly. This continues through 7 levels of advertising. So, the bigger your business gets and the more advertising you do to promote it, the more money you can earn as well. There is a potential for this program to become very lucrative for you. Sign up at no cost, then only $7 to run your first ad.

#6 Traffic Globalization is advertising program #2. Run by Tony Hamilton my friend and mentor. TG just opened in May 2017 and is focused on high quality advertising methods. Click the link above to sign up for a free account.

#7  Enviralizer – this program has a small one-time cost of $25. Anyone can afford this! It’s based on a simple 1up system. There are two videos. One explains all the training and business tools you get for your $25 purchase. It’s extensive and will show many helpful ways to build your business. Very worthwhile! Then the second video is very short, but shows how the 1up works. Watch this several times because once it sinks in you won’t be able to sleep. This is certainly one of the most powerful money making systems of all time. Unlimited $20 payments to your account. Join this program today. This program is my best recommendation for people starting out that want to see money coming in ASAP!

 Note from Dave; if you already have some of these programs in your portfolio that’s great. Just sign up for the rest here and I will show you how to market your business portfolio.

 Let me explain something very important. When you sell these programs as a package, you not only start a money making process for you, but you also set up the same process for people that join you. Doing this is the beginning of exponential growth for you.

Congrats – You have successfully set up your program builder. 

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