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Today I would like to talk with you about a basic system you should have in place so you can control the assets of your home and online business.

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Here are three of the most important assets you need for your online business. I will now address each so you get an understanding of the process.

  1. You need a list of buyers you control.

I will make a distinction here so you understand the difference. I have an account with a company called Global Money Line. As of 7/1/2017 I have 150,550 people on my Global Money Line list. You should have one, it’s no cost to start, and will grow everyday on autopilot. GML is a great tool and you can access this list daily to gain prospects for your buyers list.

So what is your buyers list? A buyers list is a much smaller list of people that join your business in some way. These people know like and trust you enough to take your advice in some cases. They look at your suggestions and sometimes purchase items you suggest. This group will follow you because they like what you have to say and they believe you have their best interest at heart.

  You only need a small group in this category to make a good online income. With just a few hundred people on this list you will be making significant income. If you signup for Dave’s Ultimate Training Newsletter I do a piece specifically on the subject. I have known a number of high six figure earners and their average buyers list is usually between 3,000 to about 10,000 people. Only a small percentage of these people will be highly active.

  Example; you may only have 100 very active people, but those people have joined programs that pay you monthly and have additional downline bonuses. The important thing about this small group, is like you they are also building their businesses. This expands your overall group and adds more active members to your business over time.

  The primary focus of your business is to communicate with this buyers list and keep growing it. This is where the money in your business will come from.

  2. You need a way to advertise your links and only your links so you collect the money.  

  I can’t stress this enough; today’s marketing strategy is to have many income streams so you collect money in many different ways.

  The problem; you can be easily lead into a process where you advertise and the money ends up in someone else’s pocket. To guard against this you must control all your links.

   A very popular method online today is called the downline builder. The way you are taken advantage of is these downline builders already have many links built into them. Example; I don’t want to pick on anyone in particular so I won’t name any names.

   Here is one example that happened to me. A friend suggested this great idea where you could have all your links in one place. I took a look. This downline builder had 30 links in it. Out of the 30 links I liked only 2. If I joined this downline builder and advertised the link, 28 of the links in the builder would pay someone else.

  How I solved this problem! I found a program builder that you put only your own links into. I believe this is the only one available. Notice the name change from downline builder to program builder. I will show you how to build your program, not someone else’s downline. This doesn’t mean you can’t join programs with me if you want to. What it means is that you decide what links go into your program builder, and when you advertise your page all the links on that page are linked to you. When people sign up all the signups and all the payments go directly to you!

   3. You need a system that can expand as you grow so you can add to it anytime you like, and this system allows you to do this on autopilot.

For the least expensive way to get your system up sign up for Build A Biz Online. Start for free, then upgrade to full service for only $5.75 per month. You will get your autoresponder and link tracking included. To buy these separately will cost from $30 to $50 per month. At BAB we call it a program builder. A program builder is much better. I will give you one and show you how to give away one you create on the next page.

  By taking this step you will have a program builder with only your links in it, and all payments will go to you. In addition you will have an autoresponder, and link tracking and shortening so no one can interfere with your payment processing. Everything you need to get going plus communication and tracking software for only $5.75 per month.

  Understanding making money online

The people that really make money have a comprehensive system in place, let me explain. The new focus seems to be on instant payments. Instant payments to your payment processor or bank account are good starting point, but there are pros and cons.

  The good news is that when someone buys a product, service, or tool from you say for $20, you get that money right away. The bad news is that you don’t get any more money unless someone else buys another product from you. Another problem is that direct payments don’t develop into monthly or residual income.

    Some progress has been made to upgrade the ante on direct pay products. Some companies have set up multi-level direct pay programs. One example is Leased Ad Space. LAS pays direct to you on seven levels. It works like this, if you’re at the highest level when people join under you they pay you at every level.

The other benefit of being at the highest level is that anyone under you at a lower level can only be paid up to the level they are currently at. If someone under them moves to a level higher than their sponsor is, then you would receive the payment. This encourages people under you to move up to the highest level, paying you on all seven levels.

  So we’ve gone from direct pay to multiple direct pay, so what is next. The place you eventually want to get to is monthly and residual payments. This brings me back to the system I’ve created that you’re currently looking at.

  Direct payments come now and help to pay your business expenses. They can become a regular source of income only by advertising and incrementally increasing that advertising each month to increase sales. Monthly and residual income comes more slowly but has better retention and can achieve exponential growth.

You need all of the above to be truly successful.

  How do we feed your system above to sustain growth?

We need to combine advertising with training and list building to the system above to get traction with our business efforts.

  What’s in this system that will accomplish this for us? The automated system was setup at the beginning of this article. The next step is to connect the advertising, list building, and training to those direct instant payments. When this is done you will get paid on every transaction made within the system you create.

I don’t expect you to set up a full blown system right away. I’m showing you the potential available to you by following some of the ideas I have put in place. 

  Most everything within this system is no cost to join so you can look around and see what appeals to you. The most important feature of this system is that you control it.

Once you set up your own program builder you can add anything you want to it. I will suggest some good ideas you can use and I do hope you will follow me in the ones you like.

You may already be in programs you like. By all means add them in. If you decide to join my training newsletter you will receive insight in many areas of online business.

The rest of this article will focus on the money you can make and how.  For today I would like you to start looking at some of what is available to you.

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The rest of this article is about the money, where it comes from and how you get it.

You will find all the links and info about everything in this system by clicking on click here to see how it works under the dropdown for make money on the top menu bar.

  Direct pay and building your list; Global Money Line – GML memberships start at no cost and go all the way to $500 – Look at the pay plan to see how this works. As you qualify at each level direct payments are paid to you at each level.

The other important function of Money Line is you can contact downline and upline members daily and invite them to join your buyers list. As of 3/1/2017 my money line has 87,550 people. These are people I can contact on a daily basis to build my buyers list.

  Direct pay and advertising; Leased Ad Space is direct pay advertising on 7 levels. The levels are $7, $17, $27, $47, $67, $87, and $147. For this example let’s assume you’re at the top level. Each level gives the purchaser more advertising. At the top level your advertising renews monthly without you ever having to ever pay again.

All members under you have to buy each level, they can’t skip levels. When someone under you buys the $7 level it’s paid direct to your payment processor account. This goes all the way up the line until you have received a payment from them at all the levels.

Meanwhile all this advertising is growing the rest of your business. LAS is very popular online and has a high rating. Once you’re a paid member at the $7 level they also give you your own blog site that is highly active because it’s connected to them.

  This is what I call turning tools into assets. You need a list, you need advertising, why not make money while you’re getting massive exposure for your business.

Other ways to see direct pay money and massive exposure come into your business through the system I have set up for you!

  OTO Goldmine; OTO stands for One-Time Offer. This program allows you to add numerous one-time offers for tools and services that help your prospects make more money in their own businesses. They also have training on how you can add these one-time offers to your business structure in different ways.

  Now let’s look at more massive exposure and money for your business. Cash in on Banners and Hot Ad Cycler work together to show your links to more prospects while simultaneously bringing in $10, $20, and $50 payments into your business.

Let’s talk just massive exposure for a minute. Viral Traffic Exchange Co-op is a program that will expose your business to over 500 traffic exchanges and you don’t have to do any surfing. But, this isn’t all. There also connected to Viral Text Ad Co-op, Viral Solo Ad Co-op, Viral Banner Co-op, etc.

  If you think this is enough, it isn’t. We haven’t started talking about your long term money yet!

   Pros and cons of long term money. The only con I can think of is it takes more time. If you’re serious about your business it will become a lifetime endeavor. So let’s look at the pros.

  Long term monthly and residual income not only pays the most money, but over time can reach a stage of exponential growth. This is something that can never happen with direct payments.

  So what is this and how do we explain it? First residual, residual income is income that comes every month instead of just once. Let’s take a small payment of $20. If 100 people pay you $20 you have earned $2,000. If the same 100 people join you in a monthly program you earn $2,000 every month for as long as they stay members.

  Now let’s look at exponential growth! Exponential growth happens when you teach those 100 people that joined you how to do exactly the same things you are doing to grow their businesses. When enough people under you are working their businesses, your business will grow this month even if you went on vacation.

  This is not the exact dictionary definition, but to me exponential, is growth that continues even if you stop working. It’s important to understand that this will drop off if you stay away for too long because you’re the leader and when you reach this high of a level you’re now the person the organization looks to as the expert.

  What’s in this portfolio that leads to this long term income, residual income, and exponential growth?

  Residual money from advertising. Rebrandable Traffic – RT is a program that brings more exposure to your business. In addition it pays you 20% on the people you bring in on all the traffic they buy on a monthly basis.

  This is monthly residual, but not exponential because there is not a downline structure. Another company that fits into this category is Wealthy Affiliate. WA is perhaps the best training program available online. This of course is my opinion, but never the less they are a very good training resource. At WA upgraded members pay a monthly fee and you earn monthly and residual money, but not exponential growth.

  So, where does this exponential growth come in?

I have something you will see in my portfolio called the free lead system plus. People start with a lead generating system at no cost. This rolls into a slightly upgraded system for a one-time $7 fee, and you keep $6 of it. The key here is this process let’s your prospects see our full blown space shuttle technology business program with no commitment on their part.

Then when some of these people do decide to join you, the program they are entering is a full monthly, residual, and exponential growth business. I talk a lot more about this in my training newsletter which you can join here.

  Are we done yet? Not quite, one more piece. What are you going to do with all your money?

Yes we’re going to talk about investing some of your money to make, you guessed it, more money.

There are two pieces here learning about investing and investment vehicles.

  Let’s start with learning; in my portfolio is something called the Renegade Money Guide. This guide explains about investing and some investment vehicles that pay in excess of 25% interest. If you don’t believe this go to the Renegade Money Guide and listen to the short video explanation.

The next component of my portfolio is a program where you can exchange some of your paper money for Gold. It’s called Karatbars International. This program is another program that has monthly, residual, and exponential growth potential. Your business funds go into an international credit card account that you can carry in your wallet and use almost anywhere in the world

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  1. Hi Demars,
    thanks for this article; it is eye opening. While as I started well with you and understood that bit about a list of buyers I control, I later got all lost in what it means to have a downline builder or program builder. Kindly elaborate to me. Also how long did (or does) it take to build an over 150,000 number of people in a GML list? Kindly give feedback, thanks.

    1. Hi Smile; most of the time I use program builder. This is simply a place you can store all your programs where your prospects can see them. I have a package to help my prospects get started with the tools they need. The GML question is easy, just sign up as a free member, and 500 + people per day will join your list. This global list is not a buyers list, but I spend some time each day contacting ny list of 150,000 and growing daily. Over time some join my personal buyers list.

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