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This is David Demars at the Gift and Business Club.   

How can we help you to build a more lucrative business online?

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I’m working on a training section that will have all our free offers with written and video training on how to use each of them to benefit your business.

You might say that every online business is at a different phase of construction.

Some are just getting started; others are established but may not be bringing in the desired income. Every business needs help in reaching the next level. This is where the Gift and Business Club comes in. What are the current tools that are making money online today, 2018 and beyond? No matter what business model you’re working I think you will agree with these general assumptions.

Most of the successful home business and online business owners I know personally, that make high 5 figures, many 6 figures, and a few even 7 figures, all make use of certain tools to insure their success.

Here is the system where I got all the cool software and tools you will see here at no cost. Click here If you have my training newsletter or spend time here you will have access to all of the free tools, software, and downloads. I will go over every one and show you how to use them, so you can pick the ones that will help you most.

How well you use these tools will ultimately determine how well you do on the money end of your business. Let’s break this down into a current list and what’s likely to happen in the future.

Successful people will tell you that having a list of buyers, you know the old saying “The money is in the list” is where you make the big money. Email marketing is what you do with your list once you have it. Autoresponders allow you stay in touch with your buyers.

Today’s techniques for developing this list of buyers to insure future success goes like this.

Current successful marketers are still using Facebook followed by other up and coming social media outlets. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and several others are some of the new players. The biggest trend today seems to be video. This brings into the picture YouTube and other video processing programs and software.

There are techniques you need to learn to make all of these tools work for you. Many of you will be overwhelmed by all this, but there is a simple answer. “Technology  and Software”.

New technology and software to make your business work for you is coming out every day. The key is to use older technology that’s still working for you, combine newer and current technology to improve and move forward, and finally keep on the lookout for new cutting edge technology that can make your business run better than ever.

The current money making system that working best for most home and online business owners is called a funnel system. You give away something of high value at no cost in exchange for a name and email. Beginning of your buyers list.

When people join your list they are also shown an upgraded better version of your no cost offer that is very inexpensive, but extremely beneficial. Some of your new buyers list will invest in this upgrade for their own personal use and some won’t.

The important thing to remember is every business that encounters your offer is in a different stage of development. Some will see your offer as something they can’t live without, others not so much. My answer; I have many such offers out there that cover all types of technology, tools, and software.

Once people join your list and buy something, the game’s a foot as Sherlock Holmes used to say. I put my offers in front of over 2 million prospects daily on Facebook alone. That doesn’t count all the other outlets I have available.

So, how can the Gift and Business Club help you? We will let you see new cutting edge technology, software, and business tools as they become available. We use these tools ourselves, so we’re always testing them to see which ones work best.

Everything made available to you will always have a no cost tool or software download you can use. The upgrade offers are cutting edge, and the ones that fit your business structure will make you money. It’s always no cost to look at our offers. If you decide to invest in an upgrade, most are a very modest one-time cost. Range of $25 to a high of $67.

We do the research and you reap the benefits. Look all you want at no cost. Get full video and written explanations of all our tech, tools, and software at our websites.

Dave – The Gift and Business Club

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